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Top 10 Best Attar in India

Updated: Nov 4, 2022


According to Wikipedia, ‘the word ‘attar’, ‘ittar’ or ‘itra’ believed to have been derived from the Persian word itir, meaning ‘perfume’, which is also believed to be derived from Arabic word itr. Types of Attar Attars are classified based on their effect on the human body such as

  1. Warm Attar: Musk, Amber, Kesar(saffron) are used in winter

  2. Cool attar: Rose, jasmine, RUH khus, kewda, and mogra are used in summer

Top 10 Best Attar in India

1. Musk

2. Amber

3. Kesar(saffron)

4. Rose

5. jasmine

6. RUH khus

7. kewda This is very subjective but what we can do is give you the list of top 10 best attar in India according to our preference. Here is it in ascending order of price,


  1. Al Nuaim Chocolate Musk 8ml

  2. Arochem ARO PDS 6ml

  3. Al-Rehab Silver 6ml

  4. Al-Rehab Sabaya 6ml

  5. Swiss Arabian Jannet El Firdaus Green

  6. Al Haramain Madinah Attar 15ml Roll-On

  7. Al Haramain Hajar Attar 10ml Roll-On

  8. Rasasi Sonia Attar 15ml - Best Attar for ladies

  9. Rasasi Ruh Al Teeb 15ml

  10. Swiss Arabian Shadha Attar 18ml

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