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Frequesntly Aked Questions  – Shipping & Tracking

What is Average Delivery Time?

Below are average delivery time for different Zones & Countries:

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 12.14.04 AM.png

How to reduce Shipping Charges for International Order (Other than India)?

  • Order value less than 300 USD normal shipping charges.

  • Order Value from 300 USD - 600 USD just half shipping charges.

  • Order value more than 600 USD for free shipping.

When will I Receive Tracking Details?

Once order is placed, we try our best to dispatch orders within 12 - 24 hours (excluding sunday and national holidays). Tracking link/details are generated as soon as order is scheduled for pickup. 

How can I Track My Orders?

Tracking updates will be shared on the email of customer has provided while placing the order. 

Do I have to Pay Custom Duty?

While some countries do not charge custom duty for invoices less that a certain value, some countries do levy custom duty charges on all international shipments.

  • There is no custom duty applicable for US customers on orders below USD 800.

You can find more information about custom charges here:


Customs Duty for International order

Import duties/taxes may arise on the arrival of your parcel to the shipping destination. The charges may vary as per the rules of different countries depending on the product, order value, quantity, end use, and composition of materials used to make the product and is solely at the discretion of the duty officer.

Please note Custom Duty is added over and above the Shipping Cost. Shipping & handling costs refers to the cost of shipping an item from the shipping location to the destination country.

We at  Attar Kannauj, do not take any duty/taxes in advance from customers. If any such duty/taxes are applicable for your shipment, the respective courier company will directly contact you with the required information.

On receiving such information, you will have to pay the duty/taxes amount to the concerned courier company. Once paid, the service provider usually delivers the shipment to you within two working days.

Will I Receive Tracking Updates on My Message/Email?

At AttarKannauj, we ensure to keep you updated about important tracking events. However, we also try that your inbox is not spammed by sending you all unnecessary tracking updates.

What If I am not able to track my order?

We would love to assist you with your order status and provide you the detailed information about your shipment. Please drop an email to

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