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What is SMC Sandal

Product Specification


Chemical Name 2-Methyl-4-(2,2,3-trimethyl- 3-cyclopneten-1-yl)-2-buten-1-ol

Applications SANDALMYSORE CORE blends excellently with many materials and compounds, especially Oriental and Woody compounds. It gives a rich warm sweetness to compounds.

Properties Sandalwood Mysore type odor. Sandalmysore Core has more powerful and diffusive odor than natural Sandalwood Mysore. It also has a sweet, woody and very tenacious odor.

Producer region Asia


We offer a wide range of speciality aroma chemicals. Our expertise in terpene technology allows us to provide these high impact aroma chemicals at affordable rates. We specialize in the production of Lokanol (a.k.a Javanol), Polysandol (a.k.a Polysantol), Sabanol (a.k.a Ebanol), and Mysosan (a.k.a. SMC). We also manufacture high value Amber aroma chemicals. We were the first to introduce high pure Padmamber crystals (a.k.a Ambrocenide) in the market. Further, we manufacture high purity Woodamber (a.k.a Timberol), Trinamber (a.k.a Belembre), and Amber XO (a.k.a Ambrostar). In addition to the above products we also manufacture other speciality aroma chemicals such as Rosaanile (a.k.a Peonile), and Guaiyl Acetate.

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