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What attar/ittar is all about?


The word 'attar', 'ittar' or 'itra' is believed to have been derived from the Persian word itir, meaning 'perfume', which is in turn derived from the Arabic word 'itr (عطر). Attar is quite ancient in India; We find mentions of fragrance and perfume in the olden Indian epics and Granth

Attar (Arabic: عطر‎) also known as ittar is a natural perfume oil derived from botanical sources, such as flowers (jasmine, rose, sandalwood and more), herbs, spices, or barks.

Ittar, also known as attar, is an essential oil derived from botanical sources. Most commonly these oils are extracted via hydro or steam distillation. The Persian physician Ibn Sina, known as Avicenna in Europe, was first to derive the attar of flowers from distillation.

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