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Smell of sand - mitti attar- AttarKannauj

Even if you’ve never heard the word petrichor, you’ve likely smelled the phenomenon it describes: It occurs when rain hits dry soil and produces a musty, organic scent that lingers in the air. Now, there’s a new fragrance that leaves you smelling like the minutes after a rainstorm, no matter what the weather conditions are outside. Petrichor, from the scent scientists at Demeter Fragrance Library, captures the "refreshing smell of earth after rain" in a bottle. The product is partly inspired by an episode of the BBC series Doctor Who. Demeter Fragrance Library states in a release: "Just like the famous Dr. Who [sic] episode (the one where the doctor flies into the future, stumbles across a giant advertisement for a new perfume [Petrichor], and recognizes a familiar face on the advertisement), this fragrance allows you to travel through time and space straight to the refreshing smell of rain striking the dry earth." Demeter is famous for selling unusual perfumes. Compared to fragrances like Play-Doh, Funeral Home, and Sushi, Petrichor ranks among their more pleasant-smelling concoctions. Customers interested in smelling like damp dirt can purchase the scent in the form of cologne, perfume, lotion, shower gel, massage oil, and atmosphere oil for their diffuser.

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