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Is hina is good for pain ?

 HINA - Herbal Pain Relief Oil -  
·         This is a Herbal based pain oil for Joint pain, Back pain, Muscular pain
·         It should be applied over the painful area
·         Should not be rubbed hardly, slight and soft massage is enough
·         Very much useful in knee pain, Hip pain, neck pain, muscle pain, migraine.
·         Once it is applied in the painful area, the herbal pain relief oil will produce heat over the blood, so the blood circulation will starts gradually.
·         While applying this herbal pain oil, it will not burn, because no menthol added as it is a natural.
·         Due to it’s natural ingredients no side effect for any kind of skin
·         It can be applied to any alternate pain relief ointment referred by physicians for long time treatment.
·         Since it is a natural product curing will occur step by step.
·         The herbal  pain oil should be absorbed by the skin completely so that the curing process can start
·         Those who have very less physical activity and aged above 60 may have to continue applying the herbal pain oil for nearly 30 days to get cure

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