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Difference between attar and perfumes - Attar Kannauj

In Muslim World Perfume is more Synonymous with Attar. Attar are also known by the name Perfume Oil as they are Concentrated and need just a dab. Attar are much better than the Synthetic Perfumes as they do not contain alcohol and last longer. Attars are affordable and cheaper than other Perfumes because they are so concentrated that a small bottle will last the regular user several weeks or even months.

A major difference between synthetic perfumes and attar is that the oil-based attar is worn directly on our body. The inside of the wrist, behind the ears, the inside of elbow joints, back of the neck and a few other parts of our anatomy are directly dabbed with attar. While Synthetic Perfumes containing alcohol evaporates away quite fast and most of them are not safe to be applied directly on the Skin. Given its natural derivation, Attar lasts a long time. Body heat only intensifies its smell.

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