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What to make attar smell last longer.

If you find that your fragrance has faded away by lunchtime or you go through perfumes far too quickly, these top tips from the experts at Hairtrade will help your scent last all day long – without the need to spray an entire bottle on yourself. As one of its beauty gurus, Joanne Dodds explains, “We like to smell nice all day long, but sometimes it can feel like your perfume has disappeared the moment you put it on. It’s all about knowing where and how to apply fragrance, and how to store it so it retains its quality. If you know how to make the most out of your perfume, you won’t waste as much as well.”

Tips to make attar smell longer.

1.Add Petroleum Jelly on Pulse Points

2.Spray Your Hairbrush

3. Don't Store It in the Bathroom


5.Apply It at the Right Time

6.Don't Rub Wrists Together

7.Utilize Every Last Drop

8.Know the Different Types of Perfume

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