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3 ways to make your natural attars roll-on perfumes last longer.

When it comes to natural attars, their captivating fragrance reminiscent of freshly snipped flower stems offers a lingering experience. Kannauj Attar, as a brand, has emerged with a clear positioning of providing natural, plant-based perfumes to its customers.

While there's no doubt about the beauty and softness of natural attars, those who are new to them may have concerns about their longevity. To address this, we have written this article focusing on how to make attars last longer:

Apply an undercoat of Aroma Free body lotion or oil:

To enhance the longevity of attars, it is essential to apply them on adequately moisturized skin. Dry skin, especially during winters, can significantly reduce the staying power of oil-based perfumes. We recommend applying a body lotion with a minimal or no aroma 15 to 30 minutes before applying the attar. This provides a moisturized base for the attar to cling to and helps it last longer.

Choose Attars with Deep, Warm Notes:

The choice of attar fragrance can also affect its longevity. In different seasons, certain scents work better than others. During winters, attars with deep, warm notes are ideal. These slightly strong and somewhat spicy attars can replace your floral summer scents, creating a more suitable fragrance for the season. Refer to our previous coverage on the best scents for winters to discover some recommendations.

Apply on Pulse Points:

To fully experience the warmth and allure of natural attars, it is recommended to apply them on pulse points. These points include areas like the wrists, neck, and behind the ears. By doing so, the attar interacts with your body's natural heat, enhancing its projection and longevity. This technique not only intensifies the fragrance but also ensures a captivating and long-lasting scent throughout the day.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a prolonged and enchanting experience with your attars.

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