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How to get a Wix Website Monetization by google ?

In the journey of my 1 year i have understood that if yor are good at something and if you are not making money from it its waste less . when i started startes this site i was going through a very crusial time and that make me suffer .

my past earning in last 1 year

So far, 18 of my blog posts have got featured on Google Discover translating to 225K clicks and 4.08M impressions

Step to Monitize WIX Site From Google.

step1:- Register your site to wix.

before starting you have to make a website on wix and register your site through wix. Thats the most common thing you can do in the first step.

step 2 :- choose a better domain name.

choosing a better domain name is very important step you have to choose the domain name whi really suits to your work area .

step 3 :- use .com as a extension

.com is the most common extension which a wesite builder try to take at a normal time .

always try to take the .com extension to get a better outcome

step 4 :- built traffic to your site .

Builting traffic to your site is the most difficult thing you will se in your area . most of the peolps lacks here . take lecture for better understanding of seo on google provided by wix.

wix provide free content to better understand the seo and built traffic.

step 5 :- register your site at google adsence.

Register your site to google adsence to start ads on your website . google may take more that 1 week to approve your application .

once your application is approved by google ads will automatically come to your site .

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