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How to earn through blogging?

Wanna earn through blogging. you are at the right place you can not even earn through blogging but also make a lot of money from blogging . now more than 1% of the world population want to earn money from blogging but dont know how here we are going to help you in 3 steps

3 steps to earn throung blogging .

step1 :-

create a blogger page on blogger .com a better platform provided by google to write your own blogs on the internet so that people can see your content on the internt . login to blogger .com to create a blogger page and start posting your blogs in the internet . google willnotify you when you are eligible for there ads .

step 2 :- buy a domian and its com extension

buy a domian and its com extension . always remember to buy the extension you will bw approved early

step 3:- start earning and transfer your money

now you are making money and getting paid for what you doo in the internet

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